Michael L. Douglas is a happily married, full time practicing physician who calls Saint Paul, Minnesota home. He is a graduate of the Quillen College of Medicine of East Tennessee State University and specializes in family medicine and geriatric medicine.

The same passion that energizes him within the discipline of medicine is also the engine of his creativity in mystery writing.

He is the proprietor of the popular Doctor Pundit blog – a compendium of social and political commentary (doctorpundit.com). He also uses the blog to write when he is not planning his next Great American Novel.

He counts running, listening to music, and cooking among his myriad interests.

This page also contains a blogroll in progress. As I wrote on my Doctor Pundit blog, “It represents an amalgam of hypertext I think one should avail himself/herself of, because curiosity is the mother of learning … or something like that.”

Since this an author site, the current portals I’m into are Book Riot and The Millions.

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